So you really want to know?


Your in-house team from a distance,

But let’s talk about where that came from and what that actually means.

The journey with a handful of close friends conspiring to have fun on the internet as a full time job. Our humble origins blossomed into a gathering of the finest minds in design, development, and strategy. Pencilz emerged not as an agency, but as a collective of like-minded individuals on a mission to collaborate with brands and to online success. We didn't just assemble a team; we created a playground where everyone could create their best work.

At the heart of Pencilz beats a singular goal: to help companies thrive in the digital wilderness. Armed with our skills in design, development, and strategy, we embark on a quest to craft digital experiences that help get brands to where they need to go. We are not mere architects of websites and apps.

“What we do is just as important as how we do it, the journey is the best part”

Holistic collaboration is our modus operandi. We don't just work with you; we become an integral part of your team, immersing ourselves in your vision, goals, and challenges. It's not about creating something for you; it's about creating something with you.

Let’s get to the heart of it. We are, indeed, a referral-only group. If you find yourself here, it's not by chance; it's because someone you know deemed us worth mentioning. If you want to get to know us a little more then reach out. We're not just offering services; we're extending an invitation to co-create, to create a little bit of joy on the internet.